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Medical training in Russia
In all educational establishments for doctors the training takes 6 years. For the first two years students have «pre-clinical training». They study as physics, chemistry, biology, human anatomy, Russian history and others.
Clinical subjects are taught from the third to the fifth year inclusively. In this period the students must study to diagnose using instrument and carry out laboratory analyses.
After their fourth year the students have another practical course, during which they act as doctor’s assistant at the therapeutic, surgical and other departments.
In their 6^th year students have practical training in three main clinical specialities: internal diseases, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology.
After a complete course of studies the medical students take state examinations.
In research institutes post-graduates undergo a three-year course durning which improve their knowledge.
They conduct researcher and prepare theses.
Then they receive the degree of a Candidate of Medical Sciences.
After the post-graduateship course doctors either contine with their researches or are given teaching posts.
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