Ян Николенко и Лена Гудкова – All That I Can See

Название: All That I Can See

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Екатерина Степанова

All that I can see
In the outer space
Leaves me worried by the question
What is that all for
I can see the fire,
Hurricanes and storms
I can see the dusty weather absolutely warm.

And a boy

Wasted and worried and lone
And a boy
Tired of singing his song away

Singing his love away
And a boy
Ready to go anywhere
And a boy
Stopped on the road to nowhere

The way
Of singing his love away

All that I can see
In the outer space
Makes me wonder why can't we believe
In stupid things

I can see the sky
Red and green and grey

A mountain plugged into itself

And birds without wings

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