A Bromance in Bohemia – Burning

Исполнитель: A Bromance in Bohemia
Название: Burning

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Люси Алексанян

Let's play a game, you and I
I'll hide I bomb, and watch you fly
Oh how I love to see you dance
It excites me, this bloody romance
You'd best be careful what you do, or
I'll burn the heart out of you
You look so clever in that suit
So terrified for your little pet, it's sickeningly cute
Look at you, trying to be so tough, well
Put down the gun now, Daddy's had enough
Don't underestimate what I'll do, or
I'll burn the heart out of you
I'll set the world on fire x8
I'll set you on fire
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