Black Pyramid – Mirror Messiah

Исполнитель: Black Pyramid
Название: Mirror Messiah

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Екатерина Бойкова

Tears from the fountains of treason
Wept by the deities slain by fiendish fray
Years lost in counterfeit reason
Burned from the secrets wise men dare not say

False tongue of mirror messiah
Luring the breath of life from its mortal coil
Death chant of martyr pariah
Bury the faithful flock beneath the sod and soil

Souls burn in pain of salvation
Betrayed by promises cast by traitor's throat
Conquer the age of the nations
Cast down this epoch to the lord of goat

Reject the mirror messiah
Sever the hand that sows slavery to our race
Defective martyr pariah
Slave to the elder god, die in dark disgrace
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