Dj juice – you aint got no life

Исполнитель: Dj juice
Название: you aint got no life

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Jekaterina Vojevodina

I don't got no type (nah)
Bad bitches is the only thing that I like (woo)
You ain't got no life (nah)
Cups with the ice and we do this every night (hey)
I ain't check the price (I got it)
I make my own money, so I spend it how I like (woo)
I'm just living life (hey, hey)
And let my momma tell it, nigga, I ain't living right (yup)

Chop the top off the Porsche, that's a headless horse
Extendo long as an extension cord
Bitch, I ball like Jordan and I play full court
And if you not my type then you know I got to keep this shit short
What you know about a check? What you got up in your pocket?
What you spending when you shopping, dawg?
Why you wanna go flex? Like you all in the mix
Like you got some shit popping off
I got some models that you see up in the movies
And they want to make a flick for the camera
Wanna be Kim Kardashian, heard I was living like a bachelor

Spend it how I like (yah) sinning every night (yah)
Push start the whip (hey) brought it straight to life (for life)
Blowing on the kush (blowing) 'til I'm out of sight (I'm gone)
I don't check the price (bitch) all I do is swipe (woo)
She said, "What's your type?" (Yah) I said, "I like what I like" (yah)
I don't second guess (nah) I just roll the dice (keep it moving)
Keep your two cents (hey) take your own advice (hey)
I've been living life (yeah) like I lived twice

I don't got no type, I don't got no type
And let my momma tell it, nigga, I ain't living right
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