Dunderbeist – Lucifer Eyes

Исполнитель: Dunderbeist
Название: Lucifer Eyes

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Татьяна Зайкова

I'm tired all the time. I shut down the blinds of my vision babe
All the despicable lies that follow the ties of my old fahsioned ways
I speak through my teeth and I rise to my feet
They got nothing on me
The Lucifer eyes and the six hundred denials mean nothing to me
I can't settle with this I cant burn another bridge
I stumble in darkness, I loathe whats come over me
And it's feeding on my id

The morning star is shining above this wasteland babe
It pulls me under this selfrighteous monster is munching on me
I dry my wet cheek and i stare out through these bloodshot eyes
The crooked horns and the shadow of the storm is calling on me
I was praying for it
To solve itself
But then it turned black
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