Eric Idle - Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? (After Terry Pratchett) – That's Death

Название: That's Death

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Людмила Герасимова

There's a place you're always welcome,
It's as nice as it can be,
Everyone can get in,
'cos it's absolutely free…

That's Death.
No need to take a breath,
Just lie around all day,
With not a single bill to pay,

That's Death,
No more sicknesses or flu,
If you've lived beyond your means,
You can die beyond them, too,

Well, the greatest and the finest,
Mmm, have already died,
Why not simply join them,
On the other side?

That's Death.
Say farewell to all your bills,
Rip up all your wills,
And pop your final pills,

That's Death.
It's a tete-a-tete with fate,
If you're not feeling great,
Then it's the best way to lose weight,

Nothing here to hurt you,
No one's here to nag,
Come die with me,
If your life's a drag!

That's Death.
The wealthy and well bred,
All of them are here,
And they're all completely dead,
So dead.

That's Death.
No more headaches, no more pain,
Of the millions who've died,
No one came back to complain,

You can't take it with you,
You can't keep what you've got,
So why not just lie back,
And simply rot?
Just simply rot,
It's so cool, it's hot,
And That's Death.
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