for Valentine – Strong for the Love

Исполнитель: for Valentine
Название: Strong for the Love

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Рашад Исмайлов

Remember time, when I was young,
When the breeze was so sweet.
I can feel all of your part,
Don't you cry my little sweet ?

Yes, I know, that the time is a pain.
It's a pain with no ryegrass.
Love hurts again and again,
And you come back to past.

People go,
People come.
Did it something what you want ?
Oh you don't.

Love is hurt,
Love is love,
And you tell me what is wrong ?
And I say you - I'm so Strong for the Love

Come to me, and I hug you,
I'll give you all my love.
Understand, how I miss you ?
Say me something my little dove

Come to me, and say how are you ?
Say, that's all is fine.
Oh my little sweet, I love you.
Give me kiss before you tell me goodbye.

Cause I know.

Feels is good,
Feels is faule.
Did you ready for the love ?
Oh, you don't.

Time is changed,
Time is strange.
And you tell me, why so long ?
And I tell you - I'm so Strong for the Love.
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