From V.I.P – Black And Yellow (VIP REMIX)

Исполнитель: From V.I.P
Название: Black And Yellow (VIP REMIX)

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Anna Kramar

Uh huh, you know what it is
every single album and music vid.
Uh huh, screamin’ that’s nothing.
See our boys put it down, that’s stuntin’.

We shut it down on the web, every comeback we in.
Look in the crowd of VIPs all you see is just that.

Fanboys. Fangirls.
I welcome everyone of you to BigBang world.
See, on this planet they are the coolest band.
No bodies of water, just a sea full of fans.

Total blackness in the crowd with the lights down.
Except for golden glowsticks with them bright crowns.
See it’s crowns cuz we see ‘em as kings.
We know which member is which, just by hearin’ them sing.

That just shows our dedication,
fans of different ages,
and races, even though we come from different places,
we gon’ still be watchin’ every stage in amazement,
hands up, lemme see your raise ‘em and wave ‘em.

Every single comeback, and BigShow,
we know that’s just gettin’ Papa YG, more dough.
Other labels gotta delay, and postpone,
their debuts and promos,

cuz if you in the same week that they do they promos,
that’s just a no-no.
Even if it’s only sub-units, or solos,
BB sweepin’ up all the awards at, award shows.
Not sayin’ that y’all wack, it’s just we know, they’re more dope.

Every show, fancams, we got pics, too.
So get’cha hands up, alright.
Get up out’cha seat we gon’, STAND UP, TONIGHT.

And support ‘em support ‘em,
cuz they got our reproductive organs explodin’.
We won’t ever COOL down, BB got that HOT sound,
seein’ fans faint, it’s a VIP knockout.

Whether apart or they’re together as five
the love of VIP’s forever ALIVE. And in the times
they’re feeling down, we just get our crowns and wave ‘em up high.
The darker the times, the brighter we shine.

Seungri, Daesung, Ji and TOP, Taeyang.
We just hope you notice that no matter where we came from,
no matter what happens to y’all, we’re always still together.
We said it, and we meant it: VIP, until whenever.

Uh-huh, tell me how you feel.
Winnnin’ at the EMA’s and TRL’s.
Best Fans and Best Worldwide Act.
To the people hatin’ on ‘em: “How did y’all like THAT!?”

We shut it down at the polls, everybody with that
Look in a crowd of VIP’s all you see is just that
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