Helstar – Remnants Of War

Исполнитель: Helstar
Название: Remnants Of War

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Ольга Куфлинская

Black horizons are wide and vast
The winds of war blow cold
Minutes of life so quickly flash
Nothings left to be told
From the sky a star will fall
The seas will turn to dust
No king or rules shall stand tall
Now who will you trust

Oh now where can you run
What more can you do
The shadows of death
Are closing in on you

The end has now
Just begun
Look for the rising sun
Seek the holy one

As the final curtain falls
Your heart is split with pain
You wonder how long
Before he's going to reign

The thunder roar
The ruins fall
Only desert labd remains
A living hell the earth transformed

Remnants of war
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