Insomnia – Runaway

Исполнитель: Insomnia
Название: Runaway

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Галина Соколова


You know I'd been away
I'd lost my way
People everywhere
Abused my name

Dawn is melting in my eyes
It's something more to get away
Living all my life to shake it up
I'm lost I'm away (4-x)

I shouldn't have to stay
I'd forced thy pain
My shore is far away
My songs remains

Who’d believe that sore is healing fast
And devastation won’t be long?
Recognizing weakness ruin the past
I'm not runaway (4-x)

I never should be traced
Deprive me name
Then I should be effaced
From list of fame

When my head was starting falling down
So much torment have been blown
Second more and I will be up there
I'm lost, now I'm gone
I'm lost, now I'm gone
Now I’m runaway
Now I’m runaway
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