J. Lobster – Escalator

Исполнитель: J. Lobster
Название: Escalator

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Михаил Руссов

I'm moving forward
And someone's getting hurt
I can't believe it's all my fault
Like windy autumn and frozen water
My memories are sad and cold

So now you've gone to live in
multicolored heaven
So now you've gone to find your
never-ending peace

Picture you alive, alive
Defying infinite sadness
Picture you alive
...if I could only deceive the time

Life is a traitor, a down escalator
It's moving faster than my mind
Some precious moments
relive all torment
My golden age that follows me around

Bet the eyes know it all
And the guilt makes me roll
in the dark
But there's nowhere to hide from the past
I'm all regrets, apologies
But it's no use and small talk stinks
In the end we're gonna bend
But it's not over yet, my friend!

We got to hold on, mother!
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