kaslic777 – волшебная плеяда мыслей

Исполнитель: kaslic777
Название: волшебная плеяда мыслей

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Женя Солнце

I walk the lonely street
It's a rainy night in heaven
See her smile so bittersweet
Angel singing at eleven
We sail to the last rainbow
On the wings of great emotions
Years may come and tears will go
And we're burning in devotions
Tell me love is not a dream
Tell me when the moon turns green
You're me love - love will find a way

She's my magic mystery
Baby it's the time for you and me
Oh Marilyn's dream
A love movie scene
We live tonight
I'II break the golden rules for you
My greatest dream-you make it ture,oh baby
Love is hard to find
It's a long, long way
Miss you everyday, my love

She's my sexy lover
Just lying next to me
And there will be no other
She's my magic mystery
Tell me love is not a game
Tell me the midnight rain
You're my lover-lover willfind a way

Magic Mystery.....
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