Last Days Of April – Your Anyone

Исполнитель: Last Days Of April
Название: Your Anyone

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Надежда Будза

You call it off.
And all you say is tonight.
I'd rather be without.
As if you didn't care.
Of course you couldn't know.
That you cause a little pain.
To anyone.

After a little while,
You call another guy.
A guy who makes you smile.
For a little while.
And with him on top
It seems that you forgot
How you called me up and made me
Your anyone.

And even though he's gone.
A shower's not enough.
To wash a little thing.
Clean from the cream.

So i'm bound to crawl.
For out and nothing more.
Than a guy who wishes a whore.
Would love him more.

No I'd rather be the wind,
I'd beg to stay...
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