Magister Templi – Lucifer [2010]

Исполнитель: Magister Templi
Название: Lucifer [2010]

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Славік Бойко

As I fell I saw an angel fight the morning star
A careless, curious act of trust has brought us where we are
Drifting backwards dry but dirty beating our own ears
Lost inside our heads rejoicing, holding back the tears!

And Like Lucifer I fell
From my kingdom into hell

While neurosis descends upon the less than forewarned skies
And shatters every thought consumed by dark but pleasing lies
A flash of lightning tears the night, the Sirens pause their song
And every beauty breaks between the wheels but not for long

And Like Lucifer I fell
From my kingdom into hell

My body is worn
My soul is torn
My world is lost
That was the cost
Through Laughs and cries
I hide my eyes
Through life and death
I hold my breath

My slow – caressing fingers find the depths within your mind
I turn my head and twist the truth to see what I can find
My white robes are getting darker and my black ones reek of smoke
I leave my empty mind behind the curtains of a joke
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