Malice In Wonderland – Lucifer's Town

Исполнитель: Malice In Wonderland
Название: Lucifer's Town

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Инна Кайлашникова

Forever yours I heard you say
I'm in the shadow you are far away
I will never ask you to stay
Just speak the words and I'll be there every day

Will you be with me ‘till the end of time
And will you be forever mine
Ride in to this town and I'll never let you go

Darling don't be alone
Come visit me here now in Lucifer's home
Angel don't let the world bring you down
Come love me here tonight in Lucifer's Town

Forever yours you'll say again
We'll be an eternal burning flame
On Bourbon Street we'll be walking down
Raising hell in Lucifer's Town


Forever yours you'll say again
And wash away my pain
Come stay with me tonight
In Lucifer's Town
No, you will never be alone
No, never feeling down
Come love me here tonight
In Lucifer's Town
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