Nathaniel Hale – Somebody Like Me

Исполнитель: Nathaniel Hale
Название: Somebody Like Me

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Алина Бразюль

[Verse 1]

Oh no, they call me Nate Dogg

Game don't wait but the girls all pause (You know me)

Bitch please, fall down to your knee

Keep That lovin' coming don't you take you're love from me

Oh no, (oh no), look at who they let in the backdoor

Long Beach California but I think they already know

Same team, (same team), D-O-Double-G

Still roll with my doggs and yeah my doggs still roll with me

Maintain, (maintain), shitty shitty bang bang

I'm busy chasin' paper tryin' to fill my house up with grain

Lame dames, (lame dames), always fuck with my brain

I can find another women you can find another somebody like...


Don't you wish you have you somebody

Don't you wish you could find you somebody

Don't you wish you have you somebody

Don't you wish you find you somebody

[Verse 2]

She's a wild thing, kind of girl you can't change

You dont wanna me to bother they say Lucifer's she's name

She's strange, (she's strange), really hard to explain

Can't get caught up in this madness, can't get caught all up in this game

Bitch please, (bitch please), fall down to your knee

Been around the movie baby you can blow on me

I ain't right, (ain't right), I think you gonna be done at this time

If i'm not gettin' sex I think this time we're sayin' goodnight

I'm from Dogg Pound California where they always keep good smoke

Seed of Mississippi and i'm doin' this one for my folk

Homey, if you dissin' listenin' you might fucked around and get choked

I hoped you paid attention cause I want be back no more

[Chorus x4]

(Somebody like me, somebody like me, somebody like me, somebody like me

somebody like... somebody like me) [echoes]
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