Niflheim – The Return To Quintessence

Исполнитель: Niflheim
Название: The Return To Quintessence

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Іра Масечко

What if the light had never been
A light that blinds, A light that burns
What if the night had never been
A night that freezes, A night that fears

What if the mountains had never been
Mountains so high, mountains so old
What if the forests had never been
Forests so dark, Forests so cold

What would it be...
To feel the quintessence
What would it be...
To live the true darkness...
The true beginning...

Why are we here?
Creeping under the corpses
Of this blinded world
Faded by the memories
Of those ancients path
That I used to walk on
If we all die tomorrow,
Why not today?
We’re already dead anyway...

...Orion & Funeste 05
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