Paddy And The Rats – 3rd - River

Исполнитель: Paddy And The Rats
Название: 3rd - River

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Нелли Каурова

You know the old story
About Sailor Sally
The years have passed away
And the whiskey bottles too
Working for the laundry
Her service for the country
Find her sacrifice nightly
In the mountain dew

And as she’s tumbling down
All she want is drinkin’ all the wine

As she’s falling down
Drinkin’ another whiskey shot
Rollin’ proudly in the mud
She’s the beauty of the bank
Got two jobs now
Wash the clothes and wash the balls
Blowing like wind in the malls
The lady of the rank

One windy cold night
She roved by the dockside
Saw her bonnie captain
And her heart started to beat
All in the flurry
Took a gulp in a hurry
But she was far too drunk
And fell to the sea

And as she’s tumbling down
All she want is drinkin’ one more time
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