Paul Shapera – [The New Albion Radio Hour] A2 S1 - The Thief

Исполнитель: Paul Shapera
Название: [The New Albion Radio Hour] A2 S1 - The Thief

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Опубликовано: Надежда Лебедева

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And now, back to The New Albion Rad io Hour!

Welcome listeners to the 2nd Act of tonight's broadcast. And tonight we have a special treat. The one and only Constance O'Brien, star of the stage is here in our very own studio to perform the lead role in of our 2nd act. Welcome Miss O'Brien. We're big fans here at The New Albion Radio Hour.

Oh thank you, Llloyd, the pleasure's all mine.

"So who will you be playing for us tonight?"

Well, as soon as i get in character, i'll be Inanna, a young attendee of New Albion's high society soirees, who has a secret agenda of her own."

Well, listeners, while Constance gets ready, why don't you let me Lloyd Allen and The Dieselpunk Orchestra here set the stage for our next Act and tell you a little bit about her character.
Here, on The New Albion Radio Hour

The thief is a lady, a lonely girl who maybe
Knows the ways of loss from end to end
The world where she’s staying, its high class rules seem crazy
And she’s a low class girl who smiles and just pretends

She’s taking her time, she’s taking your cool
She’s taking your heart while she’s taking your jewels
She’s taking tonight. She’s taking tonight. She’s taken tonight
She’s taking it all, she’s taking your side
She’s taking it on, taking you for a ride
She’s taking tonight. She’s taking tonight. She’s taking tonight.

The thief is a lady, on her mother’s grave cried daily
And still lights a flame on Sundays at the shrine
But now she’s been staying in a world refined and stately
Where beauty hides a fierce and cruel design

She’s taking her time…

In the highest class of Albion, the laws are quite clear
If you’re female and divorced you have no rights to adhere
Your wealth, your home, your children are all his to decide
Ladies drink their tea in fear of being tossed aside

The thief has seen this very thing happen up close
Man cheats, then divorces, then down his wife goes
At 50 all her money, children, world and friends
Are gone in one brief flash and all she knows just ends

Amongst these fine ladies, word of mouth says maybe
If he decides to cast you cold aside
A thief, she can save thee, she only works for ladies
She’ll get that little nest egg he denied

She’s taking her time…
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