Program 8 Text 1 – A matter of habit

Исполнитель: Program 8 Text 1
Название: A matter of habit

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Опубликовано: Светлана Лопина

I NEVER used to go anywhere without the car. I regarded it as an essential part of myself. But when the price of petrol doubled in one year, I resolved not to use the car except when absolutely necessary. For example, I always used to take the car when I went to fetch the papers onl Sunday mornings, although our news- agent's is only 10 minutes' walk away; now I go on foot. I tell myself that I'm not only economizing on petrol but keeping fit at the same time. It's all a question of habit really. I'm sure you can get used to anything if you try and I already feel that I rely on the car less than I used to."Besides, now that we live in the suburbs, I call walk down the road and catch a bus to the office or to any other part of the town. We used to live in the country about 15 miles From town and then I would frequently drive to and fro twice in one day. That meant I would use 15 gallons of petrol and more in a week, now I need half that amount. The trouble is that I am also getting used to the petrol prices. They don't seem so very high to me anymore. Perhaps it's easier to get accustomed to expensive petrol than it is to doing without the car.
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