[SASHI] PARTYNEXTDOOR – Break From Toronto

Название: Break From Toronto

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Елена Натт

That smile on your face makes it easy to trust you
Those in, those in, those in, those in

This what Saga feel like in the night time
Watch what she doing' when the light shine

Drunk niggers trying' a talk in the strip club
Shorty silhouette looks like a dollar sign
Caught up
That's just how a nigger brought up
Blow ones for you loony ass niggers
Straight base for you puny ass niggers
My niggers bigger then the bouncer
Roll up in the bitch still smell like an ounce
Right quick,
Right Quick
Tight jeans on so she feels my shit
Tell me something good baby
Tell me something,
Tell me something good Shorty
Come bring it to the hood baby
Bring it, bring it back to hood

This what Saga feel like in the night time
Bust it up with Shorty when the light shine
Still fucking with the same ass niggers
I know you want a break
I know you want a break from Toronto
West side
Ooooh girl
That smile on your face
Those in
Space, space
Those in those in
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