The key of Awesome – Reggae Sharknado

Исполнитель: The key of Awesome
Название: Reggae Sharknado

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Регина Валитова-Каримова

Come on everybody, gather ‘round
Gonna tell you all an epic story now
Of the Reggaesharknado
Yes the Reggaesharknado
Ooh..that’s a fun combo.

I betcha didn’t know that Sharks could fly
I betcha didn’t know they swam that high

It’s the Reggaesharknado
Yes the Reggaesharknado
Which part don’t you understand?

It started when Reggae Shark went to Washington D.C
To speak on conservation of the sharks and Manatees
Congress applauded Said,”We’ll get on it .”
And everything seemed cool
Obama even let him swim in da reflectin’ pool
Let me get in there with ya
Let’s do a couple laps.

Then suddenly from outta nowhere
Something started brewin’ in the atmosphere
It was a giant sharknado
Yep they made another Sharknado

People starting killing sharks off left and right
And they always had creative tag lines like
Looks like you’re finished bro
Get it Fin ished?
And that’s also my name Whatever.

Fin was the baddest shark assassin you ever saw
Him tried to jump inside Reggae Shark with his chainsaw
Reggae Shark said, “Let’s join forces, I am not your foe“
“Me was a big fan of your work on 90210”
“Can me have your autograph?”

The President said
“We don’t know what to do?”
“C’mon Reggae Shark we’re counting on you”
Him looked at the Washington Monument
and said “We could turn it into a giant spliff!”

Not being disrespectful or being rude
And from what we know of George
him would approve
Then Obama ensured the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Reggae Shark is a master of the arts and crafts.

The local stoners filled the Monument with weed
And then the air force sparked it up with an F15

All of the smoke from all of the dope
went up the Sharknado spout
Then the Sharks stopped killin’ and just started chillin’out

Now it’s roaming round like a party cruise
Making people change their point of view
It’s the Reggesharknado
It even chilled out the Makos

Now it’s time to take the sharks back where they’re from
But they’re too high give us directions.
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