The Shizit – Break Out

Исполнитель: The Shizit
Название: Break Out

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Ирина Андреева

genocidal paradigm of infinite growth
legitimized in the eyes of the beholder
by economic shamans shouting from the shadows
that what is, is as god intended
Same thoughts
same fight
Same words
different faces and different clothes
Selling us off for diminishing returns
preaching to us that we get what we deserve
Break out!
Break out!
Of this paradigm
out for yourself
a machine in a market
marching in time
to the beat of apocalypse
with perfect glossy lips
Party in a mass grave
Suicidal new wave
Race to destruction
everybody have fun!
get there first
you'll feel it less
Don't be the last to get obsessed

Break out!
Dare to be human
Break out!
Reject the fiction
Break out!
Free of salvation
Break out!
Here and now

Parade their vision of a new holocaust
no thought is given to the true human cost
Of planetary poverty and riches in abstractions
Revolution is the only logical reaction
The system is a god that makes us mad
Once a story is told it can never go back
It's not enough to burn the script
A new story must be told to replace it

western dead end
40 hour play pen
live for the weekend
everybody get scared
Thought control
feels good
Would you want to think, even if you could?

Rome is burning!
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