The Shizit – Econobeing

Исполнитель: The Shizit
Название: Econobeing

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Даша Алексеева

I pledge resistance!
To the flag!
That bears the blood
Of the worlds oppression

Bullet or ballot box - Which holds our future?
Waiting as our country rots - What I say to you
What do you have to believe? - What more do we have to see?
What's keeps me in line? - What do I really need?

I can't fuckin' breathe...
Total resistance

State your number - State your function
There is only one purpose - For which you exist
"Can you ever be rich enough?" - We are at the mercy of the sheep
And when there is no air to breathe - We'll coat our lungs with dollar bills

This rhythm can beat down oppression!
This is the sound of empowerment!
--- I scream for the future! ---
What will be my function today?
I fight for a dream
And I dream of a fucking fight
Cut that shit

I won't consent - To the social control
And I won't consent - To the rape of the soil
So no longer look at me - As a cog in the machine
In a world with no choices - I've chosen to be free
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