The Shizit – Empire

Исполнитель: The Shizit
Название: Empire

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Анастасия Шабанова

God save the empire!
of glory
and riches
and freedom unrestrained
where there is always someone else below me
to bare the mark and name
of less then, inferior, deserving of their plight
so that I should occupy my privileged place by a natural right
the stupid, the ugly
they get what they deserve
lives in the ghetto
and children born to serve
God save the empire!
thank god
for his institutions
mirrored here on earth
in which we measure
the strength of character
and determine one man's worth
The elite must be replenished
with shining protectors, sure in faith
legions of reasoning men
to keep the Other in its subservient place
the filth, the chaos
masked by the whiteness
the light does not exist in
the presence of blindness

God save the
cuz nothing else will save it from me!

the modern fashion
of old and wicked lies
science replaces the supernatural
in the role to justify
where there is poverty, blame the body
the system must be obscured
and when the sickness becomes exposed
that same science peddles the toxic cure
the brain, the blood
must behave
maintain the balance
the happy slave

Nothing can save it now
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