The Weeknd – Trust Issues (M&N PRO Remix)

Исполнитель: The Weeknd
Название: Trust Issues (M&N PRO Remix)

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Valentina Stepanova

[Verse 1]
All she cares about is money
And the city where she's from
Her intention is the paper
She don't need no fucking love
She spilling all this liquor
Trying to pass me all these cups
Well babygirl, I'm zoning
Somebody should've told her

I popped one
Fuck it, I popped one
Oh girl, I'm on one
I popped one

[Verse 2]
Girl, I'm lying, I'm on a few
Don't you worry, this ain't new
Can we take this to your spot?
I'm on eviction number 2
Cause I popped one
Fuck it I popped one

Trust issues

[Verse 3]
Do you know what's going on over here
(I do, I do, I do)
Have you even bothered to look?
(I did, oh, I did)
Well if you know, then let me know
We don't gotta be running in these circles
In these circles no more
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