To Speak of Wolves – Stand Alone Complex (feat. Micah Kinard from Oh, Sleeper)

Исполнитель: To Speak of Wolves
Название: Stand Alone Complex (feat. Micah Kinard from Oh, Sleeper)

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Елена Ащепкова

Was I damned from the start
Or just when their marriage fell apart?

Come back in time
Take Hell’s flames out of my eyes
I’m setting fire to everyone and everything
It burns beneath my skin
Sending smoke signals to Heaven
For Him to save me
It would stain Heaven’s gates
The pearls will never be replaced
They serve as a reminder
His children still suffer
Come on

Does my “try” make God blush?
Does my heart still decay?
Does it still rust?
Cause I feel that all my gears are starting to dry
It’s beginning to be too much for me
Oh,life, how could you be so cruel to me?

Cut me some slack
And I’ll pick up everything I lack
If you’d grant me this strength then
I’ll return it to you by a thousand fold
Dear brother, though our mothers are not one
We share a father
He never wished the weight you spit to be collared on your own
You cast your fault, project the loss
But reflections must mirror the victor your heart longs to honor
The fact remains that His flawlessness waits to except only utter surrender
And he’s extending his arms
Mom come home when you can
I swear Dad has changed he’s still a good man

If I’m wrong I’ll hold my head high
I’ll let God
Spit in my face
I know you would still grab the flame
If I burn
I know you’d still grab the flame
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