Название: $MOKE BREAK

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Анжелика Грузиночка

[verse 1: Black Smurf]

Dry in the street on the creep
Smoked my last blunt, made a nigga start to tweak (damn)
$crim hit to Chetta tell ‘em pull up
But I ain’t got woods for the rollup
$moke dat 'till we pass out
You ain’t put in no funds get your ass out (pussy)
Baby sit, Imma lash out
Taking blunts to the head till I cash out (work)
I’m a fiend for the weed like a stoner
Keep your lies, I just need marijuana
Backwoods till I’m in a kush coma
Hot box car feel like a sauna
I love this money this money
But Mary she do something to me
I need it I fiend it I want it
Feel sober I go and I roll it (smoke)

[Verse 2: Yung Chri$t]

100 dolla im living
Break 'em off with that llama
Codeine up in my kidneys
Got that smoke like a sauna
You can't play with my money
20 oz. and some mud
Bad temper like Sonny and I'm fulla them drugs
Up in East Memphis with Hu$tle
Bitch I'm outta them slums
All them convicts my muscle
Eat them pills like they Tums
I got that work if you need it
I might just rob you and keep it
It ain't no secret I'm the one they call Jesus

[Verse 3: Yung Mutt]

Smoking and driving
Smoking and driving got me into trouble a couple of times
I remember when I had to piss in a cup for a couple of summers in 2009
Hot boxing feeling like a tropic hot spot
Until the fucking 5-0 call the K9 snotting for that fucking pot though I told the cop we didn't smoke weed with fucking seeds
So what he mean explain this please?
I should have grabbed the fucking weed and peaced
Asking me to rat
Bitch I'll take my chances in court
Do my time and pay the fees
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