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Исполнитель: Va
Название: BitJam Podcast #155

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Опубликовано: Екатерина Семенова

Episode #155 - Dancing With ALiEN
Some weeks ago celebrated the 6th birthday. Founded by Alien of Antitrax^2010 with the intention to build up a place which covers all aspects of the demoscene we can say today that he did a great job over the past years to make his baby to what it is today. Not only a place for news and rumours, but also for graphic enthusiasts (ArtCity), music freaks (BitJam), the lovers of AMIGAAAA (BitWorld), articles, outreach and way more (SceneCity, Yellow Pages, .deMOSZENE, Outreach). So we'd like to say "THANK YOU" to our BitFather for all what he has done and want to invite you all with this podcast episode to start "Dancing with Alien".
BitFellas - we're streaming only "Alien" tracks tonight.

Mixing by Aliengougou, logo #155 by H2alien, compiled by Alienobic

01. Allister Brimble - Alien Breed 2 Title
02. Aki Vela - Delta (Smell like Alien)
03. Dees - Uridium (Little Green Alien Remix)
04. Buzzer - Alien Groove
05. Fleshbrain - Forever Alien
06. Jellybean - Alien Squeeze
07. Lizardking - Alien Penetration
08. Dr. Awesome - Alien Atmosphere
09. Khrome - Alient To Me Critical Mix
10. Rebb - Take Me Tonight (Alien Sexgod)
11. Dees - Alien Inferno Remix
12. Dafunk - Forever Alien
13. Muffler - Alien 2 main 1
14. Muffler - Alien 2 main 2
15. Gzilla - Aliens (Activision 1986)
Total playtime: 59:37min.
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