Walkabout Complex – Everything

Исполнитель: Walkabout Complex
Название: Everything

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Егор Коротков

When part of me will be ready for anything
I doubt: is this glade real, or not?
It's so rare to feel ok, alright all night
And stay so clear in mind...anyway
You're ready for, we are ready for
There is still something more

I guess it was here all the time
I guess it was just yours and mine

We are too young for ourselves
Putting my mind on the shelf

It's too cold, but I wanna try
Break on through to the other side
It's too cold, but I run
down...only down


I don't need to pay for it
Everything I've never seen
I don't need to fight for it
Everywhere I've never been
No more fears, no more cries
Fireflies in empty skies
We owe to forgive
Jump and breathe, you should leave


Damn you too
The grey sky is so near
But I am still here (I'm clear)
There is no need to explain
Why you've got to stay

One more time: seashore, you and I
And we lay on the sand fully dressed

Something new, something wrong
Something false, something strong

Everything, but not alone.


(с) 2 my friend
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