Yung Lean – Damn Gud Shawty(L)

Исполнитель: Yung Lean
Название: Damn Gud Shawty(L)

Текст песни

Опубликовано: Эвелинка Бекирова

Lookin' all pretty in that hawaiian lookin' shirt
If she tryin'a flirt
I'mma make that bitch squirt
I'm a young [???] loving pervert
Accidentally falling 'cos i wanna see that skirt
Insert then hit the dirt
Creepin' round the [???]
Prolly throw it up
Not throwing up gang signs
Im throwing up [???]
Eat her like sushi
Then i beat the pussy up
Smoked out with my cock out
Let these hoes know
I ain't no boy scout
Tell these faggots not to shout
Screaming out my name
Smoked out with my cock out
Let these hoes know
I ain't a boy scout
Tell these stupid faggots not to shout

Yung lean doer gots the chain
That makes all the mentally challenged bitches insane
Sniffing cocaine
Find me in the sewer
Fucking with a cougar

Swear on my mother's life
I ain't gon' die tonight
But i will get high
And ride tonight
And fuck a diet 'cos it's alright
I don't give a fuck [???] subway
Eat a subway
Acid trip all through may
Only fuck bitches that are gay
Lean is immature
What the fuck did you say?
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